Hey, I’m Writing a Novel! (pt.2)

Baby Steps.

So…I can say that my novel has started off with a whimper. I had all sorts of intentions of pounding away at it in the last few weeks but stuff got in the way. Not bad stuff mind you (well, I guess some of it was bad), but stuff.

Like most writers, I don’t make a living writing. That means that I work a 9-5 job. I won’t bore you with just exactly what my job is, just know it is the kind that you are not meant to have for more than a couple of years, and certainly not the kind a person would strive for. But, the reality is, I gotta go to work when they schedule me, even if it conflicts with ideal writing times.

Next, I got kids. Two beautiful little girls (Lelaina and Delilah) and they demand a lot of attention. I don’t mind that, and in fact, love playing with them, but, it does eat up valuable time. Usually, I get very welcomed reprieves when my mom takes one, or both of them for the day, but, due to the fact that my step-dad recently broke both of his arms (!), my mom is pretty busy.

And lastly, I’m neck deep into the second/third draft a collection of short stories I’ve been working on for a year now, with fellow writer Ben Van Dongen. This has been a wildly tiring process and has been my main focus recently in an attempt to get it done by summer.

These things have converged into a perfect storm of novel killing proportions.

I am happy to report however that I have made some progress on the novel though. It isn’t much, but it’s something. So all hope is not lost. And further more, with some changes to my writing schedule (basically, less sleep) and an upcoming writers’ weekend with the above mentioned Mr. Van Dongen and our good buddy Justin, I should be able to take a major bite out of the novel. Only time will tell, but until then, I’m gonna keep on taking baby steps.

Novel: Untitled

Words: 1725

Chapters: 1


2 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Writing a Novel! (pt.2)

  1. We’re going to finish those novels man, no matter what it takes. All that other stuff makes it difficult though. Who would have though that editing is the hard part of writing. I figured, once the writing is over, the rest would come easily, and I don’t have the same responsibilities that you do.

    The retreat will be great, another push to get a lot written. We just have to get all out edits for the collection out of the way first!

  2. The efforts that you both have been putting into not only your Collection, but also Adventure Worlds, the Zine, your many outings to WoW or Drink and Draw is so daunting when you consider all that you two are aspiring to. I’m working my hardest to becoming a full fledged member of the AW Team, I truly do want to take over some of the responsibilities so you two gentlemen can really buck down and focus on your dreams. This retreat is going to be a great step in the right direction. JC

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