Cover Contest!

No Light Tomorrow needs a book cover!

From June 17 – Aug 1, 2015, Authors Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen will be accepting submissions for the cover art for their newest book, No Light Tomorrow. No Light Tomorrow is a collection of five speculative tales. Space travel, strange visitors, technological nightmares, unexplainable phenomenon and new worlds await within its pages. To Enter:

  • Create an original and interesting image built around the name and ideas of the book. The artwork must be the property of the submitter.
  • Upload a clear picture of your cover art design and send to by the deadline date.

The winner will:

  • Have their cover published.
  • Receive explicit acknowledgement in the book.
  • Receive complimentary copies of No Light Tomorrow
  • Win $50 cash

By submitting any design for the cover of the book titled “No Light Tomorrow”, you automatically agree to the following. (Please don’t submit anything if you don’t agree).

  • I acknowledge that there may be many cover designs submitted, and that the final choice may be similar to that which I submitted.
  • I acknowledge that the final book cover may include concepts that appear similar to those that I submit.
  • I acknowledge and accept that if my design is chosen, the authors can use the design in any way in the promotion and sales of the book.
  • I acknowledge that my image (if selected) may be altered to better fit the needs of the cover.
  • I acknowledge that even if my image is selected, it may not end up being used as the final cover for the book. In this instance, I will still receive the cash prize of $50
  • I waive any claims that I may have against Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen with regard to the design I have submitted to illustrate the cover of the book “No Light Tomorrow”, including any claims of invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, libel or copyright infringement.

Les Petits Peurs

For the entire month of May, I posted a brand new, 100 words or less, horror story on my Facebook author page. I called the preoject Les Petits Peurs.

It was a real challenge and had me scrambling more than once to come up with something. Alas, I made it through, and here for the first time are all 31 stories collected together.



With my bags packed and waiting, I take one last walk around my room before checking out.

The best thing about being on the thirty-fourth floor in downtown Toronto is the view. Looking out at the buildings surrounding me, I notice a face print on the glass.

I chuckle as I picture the previous guest squishing their mug against the window to see as much of the city as possible. You’d think I would have noticed it yesterday though.

With a shrug, I wipe the pane with my sleeve, and I realize, the face print is on the outside.



She got out of her car and started walking down the street. Blood soaked through the front of her dress, her panties hung limply around one ankle.

She did not want to look back at the car, but fear of the unknown was a force, and she found herself peeking over her shoulder as she walked. Inside, something moved. A hand, a face, briefly—horribly—illuminated by the interior lights.

She wanted to run, but her body had betrayed her. The thing she had birthed was going to catch her.



The boy was in his treehouse when the light shot across the night sky. His heart racing, he climbed down the ladder and ran through the field towards his house.

The door was open, just as he’d left it. Careful not to wake his parents (they’d kill him if they knew he was up), he tip-toed to his brother’s room.

“Hey, Tommy,” he whispered as he opened the door.

Inside he found his brother being dissected by thin, gray men. He tried to flee, but when they looked at him, he lost the will. The door closed softly behind him.



The water sent an instant chill through his body. His breath escaped in a swarm of bubbles which raced for the surface.

Even in the murk, he could see the muddy cloud flowing from the gash in his arm. The water was infested with sharks. It wouldn’t be long before they came.

He struggled upward until his head broke through the waves.

In the distance, Continue reading