004 : Size Doesn’t Matter (I Hope)

1094456-Clipart-Carnival-Clown-Standing-By-A-Height-Sign-With-You-Must-Be-This-Tall-Text-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationWelcome back. As you can tell by the title of this post, I’m going to keep things short. This isn’t entirely because I’m lazy (although I am, oh boy, I sure am), but rather because I’m gonna talk a spell about writing short stories.

When I first got into this whole being a writer thing, I envisioned myself writing for only two different mediums: comics and novels. When my first attempt at writing a novel, it was called The Sands of Al-Hajarah, resulted in an unreadable mess, I knew I was going to have to cut my teeth a bit first before I jumped back on that horse. So I set to work on my first short story.

The process of writing the short was wholly enjoyable for me. I really didn’t have to worry about all the detail needed in a novel, instead I could just focus on the good stuff. Continue reading