Post 001

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave. I know that you probably came here thinking I was somebody else, or, more likely, popped in by mistake. So I ask you to fight the urge that is inevitably rising inside of you to head over to YouTube to watch funny cat videos, and instead give me a couple minutes of your day.

Still here? Good. Now that I have your attention, I am going to spend a few hundred words explaining why it is going to be worth your precious time heading back here from time to time.

A little about me first (don’t worry, I’ll make it quick and painless). My name is Christian Laforet and I fancy myself a writer. That doesn’t mean I’m a snooty know-it-all who hangs out at coffee shops all day talking about the downfall of society thanks to things like Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight (although I do enjoy a fancy coffee from time-to-time and those books do suck). Instead I am just an average guy who likes to write and—surprising—am pretty good at. Continue reading