003 : I’ll have a double scoop of Horror in a sugar cone please!

Hi there. If you know me at all, you know that I likes me some horror stories. It’s pretty much all that I write, if you head over to Adventure Worlds (http://adventureworldsblog.com/), you can see for yourself. It’s not that I don’t like other genres, I dabble in sci-fi (though I usually leave that stuff to Ben) and occasional try my hand at crime stories, but my bread and butter is horror. So the question that is being asked by no one is, why? Why do I love writing horror so dang much? Well, for the answer to that, we have to do some travelling. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my hands to myself—for the most part. We’re heading to a crazy little place called the 1980’s.

New_Coke_(advertisement)In case you’re unaware of this period in time, let me refresh your memory. New Coke swept the nation, Pogo Balls were awesome and the best show on television (in my child sized brain) was Double Dare.

Picture me, floating somewhere in the 6 – 8 years of age range. Go ahead, take your time, I can wait. Okay, can you see me, I’m the one with the florescent headband and slap-bracelet. I was an impressionable young chap with an already over-active imagination. Now picture me sleeping over my dad’s house on the weekends (as my mom was given a much deserved break). Picture my brother, he’s five years older than me and probably already grooming his hair to one day emerge as a glorious mullet. Picture my dad taking me and my brother to the movie store (if I remember correctly the options were, Eye on Video, Reruns or, later, Jumbo video) and picture my brother—remember, he’s in his teens—wanting to rent the newest horror movie. Continue reading