Big News

So, while plugging away on┬ámy novel, something crazy happened. I’ve become a full fledged publisher!

The very short version goes like this. After reaching out to publisher Mirror World Publishing to see if they’d have any interest in releasing the illustrated edition of my second book, No Light Tomorrow, I was asked if I could meet with the owner.

She had something bigger than just publishing the book in mind, and instead asked me (and other Adventure Worlds owner Ben Van Dongen) if I would be interested in turning Adventure Worlds Press into an imprint of Mirror World. As an Imprint, we would focus on horror and hard sci-fi (two things Mirror World does not deal in) as well as other fringe projects.

Of course we agreed and the rest is history. To hear Ben’s take on the even, hit up his blog right here: and to see what Mirror World had to say about the whole thing, click this bad boy right here:

The first book out under the Adventure Worlds Press imprint is, you guessed it, No Light Tomorrow Illustrated Edition. But we are already planning out 2017 and there should be some fun books coming soon!

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