Book Signing!

I’ll be at Paper Heroes Comic Book Lounge and Collectibles this Saturday (Oct. 25th) from 11am-3pm signing copies of my book! For the signing, I’ll be slashing the price from $12.95 to an even $10! As an added bonus, bring your copy of The Space Between Houses across the street to Wendy’s (just that location), show them the book and you’ll receive $2 off you combo!!

Paper Heroes

2857 Howard Ave.

Windsor, ON




A Halloween Story

Sometime last month, fellow Adventure Worlds writer, Ben Van Dongen, and myself had a fun idea for Halloween. We would work together to come up with the beginning for a story, and even write the first few paragraphs. From there we would each take the story in whatever direction we wanted.

We did this without getting a chance to read the other’s take until after our own was written.

This week is my turn (his is next Monday). It was a fun little experiment, one we will probably try again (maybe on a larger scale) somewhere down the road. For now though, head over to Adventure Worlds to read the story

Happy Halloween!