A Halloween Story

Sometime last month, fellow Adventure Worlds writer, Ben Van Dongen, and myself had a fun idea for Halloween. We would work together to come up with the beginning for a story, and even write the first few paragraphs. From there we would each take the story in whatever direction we wanted.

We did this without getting a chance to read the other’s take until after our own was written.

This week is my turn (his is next Monday). It was a fun little experiment, one we will probably try again (maybe on a larger scale) somewhere down the road. For now though, head over to Adventure Worlds to read the story http://adventureworldsblog.com/2014/10/20/a-halloween-story/

Happy Halloween!


One thought on “A Halloween Story

  1. I like the little things that we try. First the Fifth Monday and now this. I wonder what we’ll think of next.

    It was cool to see how both our stories were very similar in a few aspects, but wildly different in many more (like the basic plot and ending). It really is that ending of yours that stands out. Well done.

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