Post 001

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave. I know that you probably came here thinking I was somebody else, or, more likely, popped in by mistake. So I ask you to fight the urge that is inevitably rising inside of you to head over to YouTube to watch funny cat videos, and instead give me a couple minutes of your day.

Still here? Good. Now that I have your attention, I am going to spend a few hundred words explaining why it is going to be worth your precious time heading back here from time to time.

A little about me first (don’t worry, I’ll make it quick and painless). My name is Christian Laforet and I fancy myself a writer. That doesn’t mean I’m a snooty know-it-all who hangs out at coffee shops all day talking about the downfall of society thanks to things like Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight (although I do enjoy a fancy coffee from time-to-time and those books do suck). Instead I am just an average guy who likes to write and—surprising—am pretty good at.

I have a web site which I share with a group of writers called Adventure Worlds where we post stories across all genres. The site is growing rapidly and is updated nearly every Monday with new stories. Besides that I also am working on several other projects including a comic series, a book of short stories and (most daunting of all) a novel.

Over the course of the next year I will be using this space to talk—and bitch—about the writing process. This should be an easy task because if there is one thing I’ve discovered over the years, the only thing writers like doing more than writing is talking about writing.

That’s it. See it wasn’t s so bad, you even have time to check out some grumpy cat over on YouTube.


P.S. Remember those writers I mentioned earlier? They can all be found on the right side of the blog in a section appropriately called the Blogroll.

6 thoughts on “Post 001

  1. We do love talking about writing. Why busy yourself with actual work when you can pretend to do all that work and just tell everyone the story? Good thing we’ve managed to get past that point.
    I’m happy to see you jump into the fray and spread the joys of Adventure Worlds to the masses!

  2. Oh so you are what those elusive writers look like — all words and no play make Christian a dull boy — super glad to see you pushing forward with this here space to share and illustrate the trials and tribulations of the craft and the brand that we all so much love to share and talk about — can’t wait to catch up on all things writing and storytelling and life — keep pushing forward 🙂

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