Book Box Canada and an exclusive cover for Infested.

I have some great news! Infested is going to be included in the December horror box from Book Box Canada!

To add to the coolness factor, the book is getting a brand new exclusive cover and interior design! Check it out!

Besides this rad version of Infested, you’ll also get the Stoker award winning Queen of Teeth by Hailey Piper and The Dismembered by Jonathan Janz! Throw in the newest issue of Weird Horror Magazine and a bunch of swag and you got yourself a great book box!!

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Book Box Canada for the details.

That’s all for now. Stay gold!

Christian – C.M. Forest

Pre-orders are live!

For those looking to jump on the bandwagon early, both We All Fall Before the Harvest and Infested are up for pre-order. Both books are currently only available in a digital format (but fear not paperbacks (and hardcover for Infested) will be available soon!).

We All Fall Before the Harvest

In the guts of a nameless city, career criminal Owen fights for his sanity and his life. After stealing a morbid piece of artwork at the behest of his boss, Owen discovers the original owners of the grotesque painting are part of a twisted cult known as The Family–and they’ll stop at nothing to get it back.

The longer Owen possesses the painting, the more it warps his mind and alters the very world around him. Between those that want him dead, his own dark past, and his crumbling grip on reality, the walls are closing in. Unstable but determined, Owen is the only thing standing between our world and the coming Harvest.

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Timber Ghost Press


Something sinister is happening inside the New leaf Building.

Olivia wakes on her bedroom floor in a pool of vomit, head spinning. The power is off and her husband is missing. A vicious storm assaults the building, but it is nothing compared to the storm raging outside her apartment door. A parasite has begun invading–possessing–the residents. Transforming them into twisted, demented versions of their former selves with one thing on their mind. To kill.

Screams echo from the darkened hallways as Olivia, desperate to find her husband, ventures unknowingly into a world of violence and mayhem. Trapped within the New Leaf’s endless corridors, she must face her fears and discover the dark, ancient secret behind the insanity. She must face the Infested.

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Who is C. M. Forest?

Who is C. M. Forest? Good question. I’m not entirely sure yet myself. I’ve always been keen to write in other genres besides horror (as is evidenced through my bibliography), and as such, have begun to notice that there is a growing misunderstanding from readers as to what to expect from me. If you pick up a story or book by Christian Laforet, it could be anything from horror to literary fiction. It’s like a spin of the genre wheel. Because of this, I’ve decided to start using pen names for my various genre specific projects.

The first fictional fellow to be birthed into the world is the horror writer, C. M. Forest. This nom de plume is not as far from my actual name as it might at first seem. My first two initials are indeed C and M and my last name, Laforet, when translated from French to English, means The Forest. Creative, I know.

I’m not really sure how this whole thing will work out, but it feels right, so I’m jumping in. The first story under the C. M. Forest name can be found in the upcoming anthology, The Darkness Between by Collective Tales Publishing.

Until next time, stay safe and keep reading,

Christian (C. M. Forest)